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  • jenna is a rapist
  • mona is a stalker who tortured four teenage girls
  • alison is a bully, a blackmailer, extremely manipulative, drove hanna to an eating disorder and paige to the brink of suicide and self harm
  • ezra knowingly pursued a relationship with an underage girl, and watched the same girl and her friends get tortured for a year (?) without intervening or letting anyone know, not to mention invading their privacy by watching them with cameras, lying to all of them and manipulating the fuck out of aria
  • jason, garrett and ian videotaped underage girls without their knowledge 
  • stop erasing the disgusting and abusive acts of these characters
  • seriously it’s fucking gross

i kinda wanna change my icon but i feel like i have had pretty golden hanna for so long it is like a trademark

Spencer interupts Hanna and Caleb’s run in 5x10 ‘A Dark Ali’.

it is really bothering me that none of the girls are trying to understand why hanna is drinking, or why she drastically changed her look.  

hellooo, do you know any livestream links for tonights episode? thanks
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i just reblogged some for you, lovely! 

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