Christmas spoilers from Marlene King!

  • Hanna and Caleb are very very cute and may be dressed up as elves!
  • Alison and Emily will not have any mistletoe kisses, sorry Emison fans! It might not be a very Happy Christmas for them. 
  • Paige and Emily will have some interactions
  • Spencer and Toby will have some very romantic and very fun gestures
  • Ezra has a very fun story and we find out he’s actually a good cook! 

Marlene also said as the weather gets colder, the romance in Rosewood will definitely be heating up! 

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When I first saw this scene again between Shana and Mona, I thought this Mona heart sweater is the same one she wore in the scene where she fainted in the choir room at school. I know the sleeves are short-sleeved, not long-sleeved on the sweater she wore to school, but otherwise the sweaters look really similar. I got the photo on the right from PLL’s Pinterest. The hearts on the right have some shading on them to make them look like crystal/gemstone hearts, but both sweaters have white hearts on a black background.

In the left scene, in Season 4, Shana and Mona are secretly meeting after A makes the girls think Mona is going to die. Mona wears the sweater on the right when she faints at school. Many of you PLL bloggers have pointed out Mona had a bandaid on her arm when she fainted, so possibly she has drawing her own blood. Lots of you bloggers also pointed out that Mona could have faked her death with all the blood she was secretly drawing from herself. I think that is a very valid theory. So, Mona wore both sweaters around times associated with her “death.” I know Mona is “dead” now, but who knows for sure.

I know clothing means something, so why the same, or a similar sweater during both of these times? The more I re watch PLL, the more I notice.

5x13 “How The A Stole Christmas” Official Promo