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Bethany is way younger than Jason.

i mean, i thought so, too, but they haven’t ever specified the exact ages of jason/mel/ian/garrett/cece have they? just that they were younger than wilden, but only by a few years. i’m not sure that jason having a twin would lend a lot to the story, so i’m sure it’s not the case, but i always thought they wouldn’t want to add more than one sort of ~secret family relationship to things.

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one of my main questions is, WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE TAPES!?!?! Those were the originals so if they killed Mona does that mean that the girls have no proof now because either the killer took the evidence or does the police have it now and are the girls going to be in trouble or what. Also Mona being in the trunk makes me thing she is really dead. didn't janelle say somewhere that whoever dies tonight is actually dead dead?

she did say that! i’m not sure, i guess i am just very in denial and that makes me want to look for loopholes, but janel did say they are “dead dead.” but mona will be in flashbacks, so, at least there’s that. 

you are asking a great question with the tapes, i’m not sure. i would imagine that mona was killed for the information she and spencer got ahold of, and the information mona was able to further learn through whatever she was doing on her computer. if that’s the case, A would have gotten the tapes and either destroyed them or just threw them in their “shit the girls shouldn’t have but i want” pile in the lair.

i suppose that sucks big time if they were the originals, so i’m not sure how that’s going to go heading into the winter portion of the season. it’s like, they got answers, but without any way to prove them. so either they somehow break into A’s current lair and see if the tapes are in there, or they learn if radley keeps any copies, or they are SOL until eventually they discover a loophole or alison fesses up or, or, or.

wait what bandage on mona/janel are you talking about? sorry you're probably being inundated with asks right now but was that from the finale tonight or a previous episode?

no worries, lovely! that was during 5.10, i believe. when mona was in choir auditions with hanna, after she passed out, there was a visible bandage on the inside of her arm near her elbow!

lmao it makes sense if jason’s the one with the twin ie. bethany because then it could be like, peter is her dad, because peter/jessica you know, and then it wouldn’t be introducing another family link, it’d just be adding to one that was already there.

my mama says there is a thing that if there is a sufficient amount of blood at a crime scene, they can rule the victim as dead/a homicide, but that it was pretty smart of A to remove the body because that prevents the cops from being able to identify the cause of death, and potentially who the killer was.

i’m not sure how i think A killed mona, because like, there was definitely a struggle. which is so sad and i don’t like thinking about it. but the place was fucking ransacked flipped upside down, with blood and hand prints and shit. so, i’d say mona put up a fight, but if i recall, A didn’t have any visible weapon with them.

i don’t know.

wait hanna had bruises?
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there just seemed to be a large-ish bruise on her knuckles/upper hand when she was standing with emily after mona was pronounced dead. the mark is red and not as bruise-like as a bruise would normally look. but if it was from something earlier that day, it could have perhaps only been becoming visible and therefore wouldn’t have been black and blue quite yet.

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Where can I find that gifset with Hanna's bruises?
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i haven’t seen any in specific pointing out, and i’ve only reblogged one myself that has them visible, but here you are, love

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