I think what currently gets me the most is that Ali says it was Mona who helped fake her death, and in the scene of her leaving the LWR, she’s got a red jacket draped over her arm. We assume this is the trench, as earlier, Mona had gotten Ali’s things for her, including her VD wig. 

But in s2, the girls first learn about the Vivian jacket when Hanna reveals she’s got Ali’s copy of the book Lolita, which has a page bookmarked using a ticket for dry cleaning or w/e. The girls pick up the coat, and inside the pocket is the number that leads them, eventually, to Jonah. Which then has Spencer giving him cash bc Ali’s in debt with the guy because he tracked where A messages were coming from. This brings the girls to a closed down law firm where Melissa used to intern. 

Enter doll hospital, woman lying about voodoo dolls, Aria wearing the jacket, Duncan mistaking her for Vivian (!!!!!,) he didn’t know Ali was “dead,” talks about Ali being afraid, end arc?

It’s most curious if Ali supposedly left Rosewood with her Vivian jacket the morning after “that night,” if the girls find it a year later through items that Ali would have been using way prior to any of that happening, right??? Unless there’s multiple trenches which is really likely considering Cece had one and Melissa has one and Hanna was able to conjure one up during the s3 finale.

I mean the logical explanation is that, like, there’s more than one and I get that but at the same time it kind of feels like there may be more to this like they went through a whole story line about it and it was pretty much dropped I don’t know.

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  1. Is Ali telling the truth?
    Wrt. the finale reveals, I highly doubt it. Too many things just don’t add up. Even if she wasn’t finished telling her story, it still doesn’t work. I fully expect that was intentional on the writers part because it’s too discouraging to believe it wasn’t. However, if she lied because she was threatened, or, if it’s bc she’s “in on it,” can be debated. 

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aria deserves the damn world like that riley kid was cute maybe we could bring him back or maybe she could date emily or spencer or hanna or that new girl coming to rosewood high or maybe she could be single for a little while but 




do they actually expect people to watch that

I'm really lost in all of this, do people not like Marlene and the rest of the writers now?
- Anonymous

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m personally becoming really wary of MK & co. Like, if they go through with the “redemption” arc for Ezra, it’s gonna be super fucky. Essentially, they are on thin ice. My respect for them was quickly diminishing, anyway, considering how Spencer’s 3b story line was handled, and their repetitive poor treatment of mental health. Very limited hope will remain, I suppose.

I don't know if this will entirely make sense but if you could have one actor who is on the show play a different character that already exists on the show, who would you pick to play who and why? (i.e. sasha to play mona)
- Anonymous

I feel like everyone in general really suits their characters pretty much to a T. Even if I dislike them like I’m not sure I could really picture any of them being anyone other than who they are????? But now I can’t stop thinking about Lindsey playing Cece and Vanessa as Paige.

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i’m just not positive that i’ve ever disliked a character as strongly as i dislike ezra james fitz wow i’m amazed