• thegirlwholovescrows- I seriously was! I was having a full on out of body experience, and I totally knew it was going to be Ezra as soon as they ruled out Wren, but I was so wary of it actually happening. LIKE I WAS JUST, WOW. Definitely a lot to discuss! I really want to go back and re-re-re-watch the series during the hiatus, to connect all the Ezra dots, but I don’t even know if I can stomach everything he’s been behind tbh.
  • iamnotwalkingaway- I don’t think Aria’s known all along, either. But there was just a look on her face, like, when she realized she had to look for the person who wasn’t on the board(s.) I think she put two and two together.
  • lacedheadbands- That’s absolutely true, wow! I didn’t even think about that, shit. Oh man, that’s brilliant. Terrifying, but brilliant. 
  • nowtheskyisgold- gLORY HALLELUJAH I AM HERE FOR IT
  • iamnotwalkingaway- Yes, no kidding! I don’t want another Toby, it’s excruciating to sit around and not have his A team endeavors questioned or explored. But if Ezra’s A, they have to stick to that. It was obviously a bold move, but I think it’s great! It really connects through the seasons.
  • 5secsofpissoff- Exactly! Exactly. I don’t really care for the idea that Ezra was upset because the girls were being tortured again. I think if that was the case, it would be concerning in itself that he would go and aggressively slam a door shut instead of confront Aria about it?
  • iamnotwalkingaway- I know! It is so terrible, like, I can hardly wrap my head around it. The lair was so extravagant, and like, I knew that A obviously had to be monitoring everything, but to see that? My stomach was full on doing flips, tbh. I am like, seething over the shit he’s caused for the girls. And now I really want to know how much he knew about them all before he “met” Aria and became their english teacher. 
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  2. cavanaughspencer said: They need to go over how these people joined the -A team. Even Mona. How she came up with the idea, everything. Like one episode should be dedicated to that alone and wow, it would be brilliant.
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